Update March 2022, First single and video successfully released December titled "BUTTERFLY" achieved a no1 playlist spot on Banks Radio Playlist Australia to great worldwide plays and  reviews, The second single and video "RUN" taken from the forthcoming Album titled "CALLING"  was released on the 28th February 2022 and is gaining fantastic momentum too, Both tracks videos are also available to view on my You-Tube channel, I would like to personally thank  Pete at Ambicom Music for all his hard work and help and support and all at  Kycker publishing and all the Radio stations and Magazine features Worldwide for their amazing support there's so many to name so would be unfair to list them just incase I missed someone out, Now I have a band together ready for upcoming live shows to coincide with the release of the new Album and further singles, All tracks released are available to download and stream on all major download platforms,I would like to personally thank you all for your continuing support and I will  keep you updated again shortly,
Speak soon.
MK Mike Kremastoules.

3 guitars.jpg
Hers a pic from the amazing day filming the video for BUTTERFLY at the local Theatre, A Big massive thank you to all the amazing people and staff for all their help in helping me achieve the first step of my dream, Some more of the pictures are in the websites gallery, Looking forward to future releases and live shows, And especially a big thank you to YOU for all your positive support and feedback you have given me on the release of my first single and music video. I will be keeping up-to-date with my music and you can follow me on all social media platforms, And once again I thank you  and I appreciate your ongoing support,